Antique Furniture Repair Alpharetta

Alpharetta Furniture Restoration Company

We tend to grow attached to furniture pieces that have been passed down through generations. A lot of us also have other pieces of furniture that are truly just there, you really couldn’t care less about what ultimately happens with it. Once you’ve gotten your money’s worth out of it, you’re fine getting rid of it. If you truly care for a piece of furniture, getting it repaired is well worth the cost.

Professional vs DIY Furniture Restoration

When it comes to something like furniture refinishing, it’s a very specialized field that takes years of practice and experience. Not just anyone can hop into it and do it at home as their leisure, it’s just not that simple. These jobs require specialized tools, and you need to be able to source the exact materials that you need. A pro is going to have all the tools and supplies they need on hand, or be able to easily get what they need. Basically, you risk permanently messing up the piece and costing yourself a lot more money than just paying for professional refinishing. You don’t want to destroy your irreplaceable furniture!

Restoring vs Refinishing Furniture

Refinishing and restoration are often confused, but mean different things. Restoration tends to be more like touch up’s, light outside cleaning and cosmetic repair. The end goal is to keep the integrity of the piece but improve the outward appearance, expanding the lifespan some.

Refinishing can be very in-depth and will take quite a bit of time, but the final product is worth the hassle. Any wood pieces are coated with a chemical stripper, sanded, stained, and then finally refinished. Some antiques will lose value after refinishing, as it does alter the original piece. If that matters to you, do your research and be careful.

Repairing Furniture in Alpharetta

Sometimes furniture means too much to us to just let go of it. It costs a fraction of the cost of replacement and you get to keep what’s yours for a much longer time. It means it’ll be in good enough shape to pass down to your kids or whatever else you may want to do. If you have a piece in need of repair, we like the work of antique furniture repair Alpharetta to restore our old pieces.